Featured product: EEZYCOM™ Dialer


EEZYCOM™ Dialer is a 10FORIT product companies use for optimal digital communication with customers. The tool is used by various organisations to increase call-centre efficiency, as extra contact support during a large (ad hoc) project, or to handle full mass dialing for debt collection.

EEZYCOM™ Dialer allows companies to contact customers more efficiently via telephone, making automated customer-oriented communication easier. Our Dialer predicts how many concurrent outgoing connections are needed to serve the number of available agents. When connected, it only transfers calls that need to be handled by an agent.

Our product can call multiple people simultaneously. Customer service employees or call-centre agents don’t have to dial the numbers themselves or wait for people to answer their phones. EEZYCOM™ Dialer only forwards a customer through to an employee when direct contact has been established. Not when the call has been put to voicemail, or if the line is currently busy. And through the use of whisper technology, CallerID and/or CTI, employees know exactly which customer he or she is about to be connected with.

Whisper technology is a function in which EEZYCOM™ Dialer ‘whispers’ a notification into the available call-centre agent’s ear, letting him or her know which customer is being forwarded. Meanwhile, the customer only hears the message: “One moment, you will now be forwarded.”

Rob Veenman, consultant at 10FORIT, about the EEZYCOM™ Dialer:

“Our Dialer is incredibly flexible, besides possessing the standard functionalities of this application, overall we offer our customers bespoke service. The system is fully customized to suit the customers’ wishes, and of course we offer our advice during this process as well. In addition, our implementation time is short so companies can quickly get to work using the Eezycom Dialer. Our Dialer is suitable for all telephone exchanges and is easy to implement”.

EEZYCOM™ Dialer is currently a popular tool in both Belgium and The Netherlands. EEZYCOM™ Dialer can be seamlessly integrated with other 10FORIT products, such as EEZYCOM™ Pay and EEZYCOM™ Wordcloud for an optimal omnichannel solution.

For communication-based projects where one-time calls must be placed to customers, Eezycom Dialer can offer a fine solution, thanks to its speedy set up implementation.

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Michelle FilbriFeatured product: EEZYCOM™ Dialer